For anyone who is interested in starting their own home based business, here is the latest Network Marketing home business opportunity that I have researched which has just launched this month. In a severe recession, what does everyone want and need? They want to save money, and in many cases, they need to save money to survive this economic disaster. With unemployment out of control and the fear of job loss this time of year, you must be prepared. Most people are now looking for an extra income opportunity, so when you can combine saving money, saving time and the hassle involved with traditional shopping, now you have a successful concept. We all know most do not like to sell, but everyone can show and tell, and that is what you should look for if you are not an experienced salesperson.
Having researched hundreds of business opportunities, in a recession I specifically research free or no to low cost home businesses. Most people are cannot afford several hundred to thousands of dollars to start a business of their own. The key to success is to stop attrition in any MLM business venture, but most do not earn more than they burn trying which makes it impossible to succeed for most people. With true value and the fact everyone is saving more money than they are spending promoting their business, you eliminate attrition. If you eliminate attrition, or those who traditionally quit, then you are assured of long term success, it is that simple.
What you have to look for is true verifiable value first and foremost. Most home businesses, especially in the MLM arena, sell me too overpriced products and services with little or no value without the income opportunity attached. Would you purchase most of these products if not for the income opportunity? Most people, if honest, will say NO, so in your research, insure your product or service offers verifiable value to the consumer before you start any business of your own.
Everyone eats, so what could be more recession proof than the grocery industry. No matter what the economy, people still have to eat, so when I researched My Harvest America, it hit the top of my best recession proof business list immediately. How would you like a home business that everyone you talk to will be interested because they want to save money, save time and hassle of going to crowded grocery store every Saturday and waste hours buying the same things over and over again. Talk about consumables, which is what all successful MLM companies depend on, nothing is more consumable than food, nothing, so think about that when you research any business, how consumable is product or service.
The main points being obvious, saving money, saving time and saving hassle of grocery shopping, now lets look at the market trends. We already know online shopping is booming, so this has been my focus, saving money online, and as we enter a new era of frugality, even the wealthy are looking to save money, so the days of excess are long gone, I see it clearly across the board, so this is not just a trend, it will become the norm from here on out, people are all going to go with lowest prices on everything they purchase.
Groceries are so generic, everyone knows the brands they use consistently week in and week out, and most stick with these name brands, but many others with tighter budgets will try generic or off brands to save money, I know I have. You sometimes will be surprised at the quality and low prices of off brand or generic store brands, but again, many times not, so you have to rely on word of mouth in many cases, and that is what I love about My Harvest America, you will hear from others about brands you may not recognize given many grocery stores will carry local brands or regional brands which may not be known nationwide like Kellogg’s or Post products are. This is just one example of cereal. MHA carries name brands, and a few value oriented regional brands, so there is something for everyone.
One example which caught my eye was Rachel Ray’s Nutrish dog food. She donates all proceeds to pet shelters, and I know and trust her, so I tried her product for my dog and he loved it, and he is picky eater. Ingredients lead with meat, so if you know anything about labels, the first ingredient has to be meat, not corn meal or you are getting junk food for your pet. I was paying $11.70 at only store which carries it which was a 28 mile drive to Walmart’s, something I may only do once every couple of months. It is hard to find given it is new to market, but low and behold, MHA had it, and same size was only $6.16 which is almost half price delivered free. Needless to say, this can add up over a year, and all the other products are equally low priced.
Bottom line, if you eat, you need to evaluate this new home business. I have known owner for over two decades when he had a local grocery warehouse in my area which I had used with great satisfaction, but the timing was not right and internet shopping was just beginning. Back then people still liked to see what they were buying, even if it was a box of Kellogg’s, plus online shopping was not popular or accepted at this point in time. I have followed this industry ever since then, and now, finally, it is here and combined with an income opportunity which makes this the perfect recession proof business.
When you are researching any home based business, ask yourself these questions. Would I purchase product or service without the income opportunity? Most will say no if honest. We all know most MLM products are overpriced to support the hype of get rich quick, and I dare anyone to say otherwise and be able to back up a lower price. I have only identified a few businesses in the MLM arena which offer true verifiable value, TamPogo is number one for thousands of products, My Harvest America is second with thousands of grocery items, and Organic Acres is third money saving business which is fresh organic foods also delivered to your home for the ultimate in convenience.


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