Often ignored by the rankings of world universities, the French capital is the great champion of the classification of student cities.

The ranking of student cities, a new

While we were used to see most of the French and European academic institutions relegated to last place rankings largely dominated by American and British universities, a ranking of a new genus was published by British research firm QS (Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd). The ” Best Student QS Cities 2012 “has established its assessment of student cities on the following criteria: the importance of the student population (domestic and foreign), the quality of life, reputation in the eyes of employers and the cost of education and student life (here called “accessibility”). This is a real novelty, other classifications are primarily based on the criterion of research, known as the Shanghai ranking. The “Best Student QS Cities 2012″ it is more focused on comfort of the student.

The classification

The list of best cities for students 50 cities worldwide. Paris leads with 421 points, ahead of London (405) and Boston (399). Followed by Melbourne (398), Vienna (389), Sydney (384), Zurich (381), Berlin (376), Dublin (376) and Montreal (372). Cities of Cairo (282), Bangkok (279) and Glasgow (278) up the rear. And surprise! Two other French cities are among the 50 best student cities: Lyon and Toulouse are indeed respectively the 14th (367 points) and 46th place (286 points). Cairo, Mexico City and Lyon are among the most accessible cities, while Vienna, Zurich, Munich or Vancouver offer the best living conditions. Regarding the criterion of reputation among employers, Paris and Singapore are required handily, while Australian cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth) have the most mixed student populations.

The French assets

France, mainly Paris, welcomed many foreign students (17% of students come from the capital and around the world). If the geographical and cultural attractiveness of the country are undeniable advantages (how foreign student does not dream of mastering the language of Moliere in the country of the Enlightenment where wine flows freely and where the croissants are always good), it is not enough to explain the potential French.

Also a pleasant living environment, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and other French cities can claim to offer tuition defying the British and American competition. While the tuition for one year of the Bachelor and Master respectively € 177 and € 245 in France, it would cost ten times more often in England, Australia or the United States! In addition, students can count on consistent support services in France, facilitating access to education and consumption.

Moreover, the country began an intensive operation to make the reception conditions for students more comfortable, like the Campus Plan for improving the quality of facilities, and universities are multiplying initiatives to promote international trade . France, like other European countries thus create a surprise in the ranking of a new genus, mainly due to a more egalitarian than in the Anglo-Saxon. Students from around the world, who are a real opportunity for all countries, should continue to occupy the benches of our universities. And dreaming of Moliere, Voltaire, and other wine growing.


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