April 22nd will see the launch of the UK Rich Internet Application Macromedia Usergroup, by iteration::two in Edinburgh, Scotland. The usergroup was formed some months ago, however, we decided to hold off the launch of the usergroup until we could do a launch presentation on the Flex product.

The aim of the UKRIAMMUG (ok, so we need a catchy name 😉 ) is to target meetings at both the business and the technical community – while there is seemingly no-end to developers willing to learn how to develop Rich Internet Applications, we feel an obligation to advocate the benefits, and steer businesses into adopting RIA strategies – the usergroup will in many ways aim to pass this message on at senior level.

The usergroup is being kicked off by the team at iteration::two – we’re set up to be able to cover a number of both business and technically focussed seminars. However, we’ve gained great support from the Scottish Coldfusion Usergroup, and expect that as the usergroup gains critical mass, to be able to extend speaker invitations. If you’re interested in speaking, then feel free to drop us an email from the website, with what you’d like to talk about, and we’ll put you “on the books”. Similarly, suggestions for topics that you want covered, are greatly received. I’ll blog our first meeting separately, so people can trackback to it.

The RIA Usergroup website can be found here.


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