A mini Forex trading account is extremely helpful for a new trader who is more interested in developing a disciplined, rational trading strategy without focusing entirely on profits and losses.

When you start Forex trading you can begin with a paper trading account with which you can understand how the market moves and you can develop more skills and knowledge about this trading account. Once you are successful with the paper trading account then you can move in for the mini Forex trading account.

Forex currency trading is done is pairs and these are known as crosses. These pairs are always against the US dollar and the main crosses you will find when trading forex are the USD/EUR and the USD/GDP. The most popular crosses are known as majors and these can make forex traders great profits. Currencies change on a regular basis and are based on the how the world financial markets see the value of the currencies. You can sell or buy these currencies and forex brokers do not charge commission fees.

Mini Forex trading is done in smaller contract sizes of ten thousand units, which is 1/10th the size of the standard account. For opening a mini Forex account you would require 100-300 dollars. Here one PIP is equivalent to one dollar for EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

With a mini Forex trading account you can learn risk management, which will help you in future while dealing full-size trading account. You can trade by using one mini lot and can then build up on the lot size later.

This means that you need a trading system in place and you must adhere to that system with iron fisted discipline and not let emotion get in the way and cause you more problems and headaches. Even in a mini forex account, you still need to know what you are doing and be familiar with various forex trading ideas and systems such as trade signals, proper chart points, targets, stop-loss and more.

The average loss in mini Forex trading is one-tenth the amount that would be lost in an equivalent trade on a regular Forex account. Because of this, it is easier to exercise a more disciplined trading strategy, as an investor generally finds it easier to let go of a small loss, whereas a larger loss may prompt a trader to hold on to a lot longer than one should (a bad trading strategy). Furthermore, because the high leverage in mini Forex trading allows you to trade a number of lots for a correspondingly small amount, the investor has more options and trading strategies available.


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