Laptop battery drainage has been really a nervous nelly for us all. It can deem you unproductive and can set you in a set of backlog in case you are too unfortunate. Many a times we had prayed to god to make it last longer for another few hours, knowing that its not possible to do so with the same 6 cell li-ion cells.

However today I am going to show you some ways in which you can keep your laptop alive for a bit longer. And trust me it has always been there infront of you. And I bet most of you must be knowing it already. So, if I miss something go ahead and comment and help out others.

Here’s the checklist, On how to do it.

First and foremost (Everyone Knows From Before):You have a power saver button on your laptop and it comes up when you click on the battery icon which resides just beside the clock. You can use it to put your laptop in the power saver mode on the fly. But please be informed, there are still many ways in which you can save some extra battery power.

1 . Remove all and any unnecessary attachments and enhancements tied up to the laptop, this will ensure that the power is not used up by the parts that you don’t require at the moment. Please be informed that, even if you do not use a device for Example a pendrive, and its connected to the usb port, it still needs power to keep it alive and the usp port also uses power by constantly polling to ensure that the device is still connected after intervals.

2. In Case you are not using the wireless internet connection please make sure that the wireless network card is turned off or is disabled. Its one of the devices in laptop which uses considerable amount of power. As it keeps on searching for networks (Not required by you) and in the way keeps on emitting signal, which requires energy and is sucked from your laptop battery. Straight word if you don’t need it, keep it off/disabled.

3. Now a days most of our laptops comes with the enhanced attachment of Bluetooth another wireless connectivity device. Really a helpful one, but make sure it’s turned on only when required as it wastes the battery power in the same way as wireless card. Now many laptops will have a separate on/off switch for the device and many won’t have it. In case you are not so lucky you can simply disable the device as shown below.

These were the general power settings, now let’s move on to some more advanced settings and customize what our power saver button can do for us. However for the configuration of the advanced settings we will take help of this below video cast. If possible watch the Video in HD its only 6mb.

There are also some general physical ways in which you can help your laptop battery to run more, like placing the laptop over a laptop base where the cooling ventilation can easily pull in air and throw out. Now the cooling fans are configured in such way that they don’t work continuously unless required. Or works only when the temperature inside the shell of the laptop reaches a threshold value. Now suppose if you are using the laptop by keeping it on the bed and cooling vents gets closed ( it will if it’s in down side) then the fan will try to suck in air but it won’t be able to do and will keep on running since the threshold temperature would always be up. This harms the internal parts of your laptop as well as heavily drains its battery. Straight way talking, keep the cooling ventilation always open from obstacles.

If you are aware of some more tweaks, please share with us!


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