Here you are, a teenager in school. And you absolutely hate it. It may even bore you to tears. You might be wondering why you have to endure this almost-torturous experience. Sure, you have your social peers, and they may or may not share your feelings about school and education.

If this is how you’re feeling, you may be considering tossing in the towel, but there are several reasons why you should stay in school. And, every one of them relates to you, not your parents or your teachers. Here are just seven reasons to consider.

1. You’ll have more choices. Finishing high school is only the first step in a process that will give you many more choices in life. A high school dropout will face many obstacles in life that a graduate will not. You will find many doors closed to you unless you can say you stayed in school and have a diploma.

2. Your life will present itself with many more opportunities. The higher the level of education that you attain, the more opportunities you will have available to you. Do you want to be in charge of the fryer, or do you want to have the ultimate corner office? Your decision to stay in school can affect this choice.

3. Your social circle will expand. Educational settings are a wonderful social sphere. You can meet and develop new friends who may or may not share your background. You can learn from these school friends and expand your life’s experiences.

4. Money, money, and more money. Graduates earn a lot more money than dropouts. Who doesn’t want to feel financially secure? Statistics show that dropouts will generally have wages at the minimum wage standards, while graduates—especially those with advanced degrees—will earn significantly higher salaries.

5. You’ll have more time to enjoy the above-mentioned money. If you are dropout, chances are very likely that you may be working more than one job—probably several just to make ends meet. So, even if you are making some money, you won’t have time to enjoy it, because you’ll be working. A vicious cycle, don’t you think?

6. You’ll discover yourself staying out of trouble. Unplanned pregnancies or getting in trouble with the law are things that happen to dropouts far more often than with graduates. Neither of these situations is really anything anyone really goes after, is it?

7. Your future will be so bright you’ll need to wear shades! All joking aside, dropouts are far more likely to be unemployed. Dropouts are also usually in poorer health, on public assistance, or are still living with their parents. It may seem great to drop out of school, but people won’t look up to you when you’re in your thirties and still living at home.
Instead of thinking about school as though it were a death sentence, you need to look it as an opportunity to get to the kind of life you really want—one where you call the shots.

If you’re worried about losing some of your social life, or have things tying you down at home, you always have the option of distance learning . By the time you’re old enough to start thinking about dropping out of school, you really are almost done with it. Isn’t a better future worth afew more years of school?


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