A business internet startup can be the most rewarding project that you ever undertake. It is going to depend on your willingness to take your niche and claim it as your own. This will be done over time.

With the attitude to become your niche you will be more able to convince visitors who come to your site that you are Ms.PartySupplies.com or Mr.ModelAirplanes.com, whatever the case may be. The point is when the visitor finds the information they are looking for on your site you must be convincing enough that they don’t feel the need to look any further.

Treat building your business internet startup like any other business that you would start – do your niche research, have a plan, work your plan.

A business internet startup starts with finding your niche. Once the niche is hammered out then you can put a plan together and make your website reflect you and your company. It can be very time consuming but it is an internet business startup must that you must get done – not just get done – but get done right!

I’ve heard it put it this way, your visitor is not searching for you, they don’t know you exist. They are looking for information. You are going to provide them with that in the best format for selling your products or services that you can.

How? By doing your research and writing your content based on the best information you can get. Go back to Find Your Niche and Keyword Research if you need to make sure you get this. It is what your central theme is going to be focused on.

Your website has to be packed with information. You have to give the visitor lots of information based on your concpet theme. You should strive to become the best source of information on your topic that you can be. The keyword focused content you provide will not only give the search engines what they want but it builds confidence in your visitor’s eyes.

At that point you are no longer a sales pitch – you are an authority who has done the research and has located the best information that can be found. You can prove it because you set up your business to prove it. Know it or not all sales is based on this fact. When you have a visitor on your site your goal is to prove to them that they are in the best place to do business. You do that by providing them with enough information that you effectively remove any doubt from the visitor’s mind. You have become a solid source of information that they are looking for. Make them feel that they have found a genuine and substantial source to do business with.

By now you have a niche and you know who your market is – if not stop here and go back to Find Your Niche by clicking on the link below or the navigation bar at the top of this page. If you have nailed down your niche, your theme, then we can go on.

Alright then, let’s take that and run with it. Your website is going to be YOU speaking to the visitor. As if a customer walked into your showroom at the local strip mall, you stand up and greet that visitor with your best foot forward. That’s what you are going to keep in mind when you build your website.

Approach the website building process in a couple of ways. You can work through a website design company. Or you can buy a template website that you fill in the blanks. Either way you decide what works best for you. I’ll make some suggestions based on my own experience and you can hopefully make a more informed decision.

Got that? Knowing what to put in a website is one thing but for the average person trying to start a business on the internet website design can be a little scary.

Don’t worry, we are one or two steps ahead of you. Right now would be a good time for you to go to Start Your Engines!


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