Are you tired of wimpy internet marketing? What about those SEO guys who have so many promises? What have they done for you lately? Have you gotten any more customers from their efforts? Fire them! Yes, fire them. You need a marketing company with some stones. You need real in your face marketing that strangles the customers and proves to them why you are the best. You don’t need a million back links and some silly articles, you need more! Most of these SEO companies are ran by nerds who do not understand people, shoot they don’t even understand marketing, only a process that is freely shared on every marketing forum on the net. You need real marketing and not this vanilla, cookie cutter, follow the leader type of junk that they sell to you for way too much money. You need dynamic online marketing on steroid.

Dynamic Online Marketing

You need a shotgun, not a water gun. Customers don’t care about articles or back links. What they want to know is who you are, what can you do, what type of people work to you and they are looking for a way to humanize you. The old form of utilitarian marketing is dead. The internet killed it! Companies that show that they have a soul and a corporate culture killed it. Companies that feel like it’s ran by real humans have killed it. We are in the age where you have to have a brand and that brand is in many cases apart of a lifestyle. We are very much in an age of us vs them. Look at how Apple created the us vs them dilemma and how well it worked. I don’t care if you are selling overpriced shinny gadgets or a plumbing service, the more life you pump into your businesses image and marketing, the more money you will have. That is why service companies who know how to show themselves as answer-men and real people make the most money. Some static page with boring words does not. The problem many of you will have with this dynamic online marketing approach is that you believe that you are JUST a ________ and that your business only had utilitarian value and nothing more. Build your image and they will come. Create a dynamic website and do dynamic offsite marketing and they will come. Build it and they will come!

You need to become a champion for your business and you need someone like us who will teach you how to do it. We need you to believe that you can be the big shot company with a great brand who can draw people in. You need to see your business as more than a service and you need to see yourself as more than just a business owner. Attractive businesses attract customers. Everyone wants to work with the best and they will pay big money to do so. Let’s get started now and not wait around.





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