My God, how many times as internet marketers must we hear these damned words. Well the truth of the matter is, if you want to be successful and have a well ranking website, you must enter the dungeon with your torch and clean out the shitters from time to time

No one likes doing this shit. If you do, there is a great mental health and rehabilition center in Tuscaloosa that you can check yourself into.

Seriously though, page links and off site SEO are very important. Getting you backlinks to your page is something of a controversy these days. How many should you place? How quickly/slowly do you need to roll them out? Some people are dead certain that google penalizes those who get to many backlinks all at once, say from Xrumer or SE Nuke X.

I have studied the ever living shit out this, and honestly I have never seen one of my sites get penalized for making backlinks. I almost always outsource this because SE Nuke X costs over a hundred dollars a month, not to mention you have to buy a captcha solving service for another out of pocket expense. And Xrumer is ball busting 500+ dollars! WOW. I am sorry but If I am going to pay that much, that software better come out and tickle my balls.

So what do we do? The answer will not shock you – It’s called I go here to get all of my backlinking and Social Bookmarking done and it only costs 5 bucks for each “gig” that you buy. This is totally worth it to me. I used to own SE Nuke X but if you ran a large diagram it took for fucking ever for it to finish. I would have to leave my computer alone for days at a time while SE Nuke was busy fucking around in the background, and my machine and internet connection are pretty hard core.

If you have an older PC and a slower dial-up you could probably start an SE Nuke link wheel and be done in about a week.

So, when you go to Fiverr they actually have a spot for SEO in the right hand column. Search for backlinking or SEO or social bookmarking and you will find hundreds of offers. I tend to stay away from the new guys who don’t have any feedback. Just a personal preference. I like to see what kind of feedback the seller is getting and how much is he getting. A lot of these guys are selling close to 100 gigs a day. Damn, why am I writing this article when I could be doing the same thing on fiverr. Food for thought!

But I have always had good success using the services that people just like me and you put up for sale on the fiverr site. Just remember to look and see if the guy or gal has any feedback and look to see how many people write down negative reviews.

So for backlinking and offline SEO in my humble opinion (I hate people who write IMHO, Spell it out!) is the best place to get what you need quickly.


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