If you use Google Drive for work, check out this article.

Today, you can do everything with Google Drive. Storing and creating and editing documents on cloud services is no longer new. Google has constantly improved and developed the Google Driver into a versatile service, which allows users to perform all tasks such as storing, editing, managing and editing documents directly without having to Access the individual Office services page as before. In addition, popular third-party extensions support is also developed around Google Drive so users can freely exploit personal data from Google Drive into documents.

This article will suggest you 05 useful tools to help users quickly put the data stored in Google Drive into the content of the document you are working.

1. You Need a Wiki – Create a personal Wiki page from Google Docs

If you use Google Drive to host important data, you will need a powerful information management system to manage these data, and You Need a Wiki will help you.

Basically, You Need a Wiki is a web service that connects to Google Docs, allowing you to create a file tree and Wiki-type directory to manage your data.

In addition, users can use You Need a Wiki as a wiki site of their own or use it as a place to manage group project data or higher.

If you use You Need a Wiki for personal purposes, it’s free. If you want to use for a group or a company, you can use the paid package to be provided with more features.

2. Glide – Build a mobile application page from Google Sheet without knowing the code

Have you ever thought that building a mobile application is too difficult? Glide will give you a whole new perspective on this.

Glide is a simple and unencrypted mobile application design tool for new users, which allows users to exploit and use data from their own Google Sheet documents as a database for My application. And it only takes 5 minutes or less that you have your own mobile app “product”.

With the free account pack, your “app” will have a “made with Glide” label on the first slide. If you use a paid package, you will be more free in creating applications. As well as being able to choose to post the application to Google Play Store or App Store and share it to everyone.

3. Tall Tweets – Turn Google Slides into GIF format and share it on Twitter

Users like to joke that Google Slides are the “younger brother” of Docs and Sheets. However, in terms of the ability to present and edit images in documents, Google Slides certainly does not lose compared to his “brothers”.

Often users use Google Slides to create slideshows for work, and if for some reason you want your Google Slides document to run automatically as an animation, Tall Tweets will help you.

Simply put, Tall Tweets have the function of turning a Google Slides document into animated GIF, and providing more options to share it on Twitter if you want. Of course the images in this GIF will be kept at the highest quality so don’t worry.

4. Lightbox – Manage and display photos from Google Drive Photos

You can view Lightbox as a manager and professional photo browser that Google Drive users should use if you want to see all photos stored on your Google Drive Photos.

Lightbox will scan all photos in Google Drive Photos, arrange and present it in the most logical way so that users can view and work with them.

Users simply arrange and create albums in the “Lightbox” folder of Google Drive, Lightbox will arrange and present the images in it in an orderly manner with customized URL from the user.

And you can easily share your Lightbox page with everyone as a personal photo gallery.

5. Google Drive to Slack – Receive notifications in Slack and vice versa

If you don’t know, you can imagine Slack as a “chat room” for all employees in your company.

If you have heard about Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and Slack function quite similarly. Slack will be divided into small ‘channels’ for group discussions, … or whatever you want.

Slack is widely viewed as “email killer”, the application is a way to “reduce” your internal emails, and forget about communicating, exchanging by email or regular chat software. The biggest advantage of Slack is the multi-platform (computer, Android, iOS) so everyone in your company can chat with each other regardless of what device they use.

Google Drive to Slack is probably a useful application to help users easily manage content from both services. You will no longer have to filter separate messages from both services, and users will receive notifications from Slack if someone or you create new documents or share, modify or delete data from both 02 services if working in groups.

Hope the article will be useful for you.