Bored of running alone? Let’s run with strangers! Run In Crowd fromUrsine Paw is the revolution of side scroll running game. You can now run along with your friends and strangers, avoid trap holes and creates and be the last survival of the crowd race! The stage will be changes each day, if today is not your day you can make you legend again tomorrow!

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Side scroll running seems to be a kind of games that grows along with idevice, Many of you could every played that.What the ordinarry side scroll running game offers is the race between each player on the ranking system. A player must control the character to run “alone”, pass through the obstacles “alone” and also put how far he/she can go to the ranking board “alone”. What tells them about their rivals is the name of the ranking board with no other details.

Run with stangers! the deadly challenges awaiting!

Run In Crowd IPAD is the game that breaks all these rule! There is no game story or anything, at the title screen you will see the eye-ball like thing on the left of the screen and the PLAY button in the center. After tapping on the play button, the race is begin instantly! you will put in a crowd group of eye-balls, what you need to avoid everything that could make you dead! You will see your comrade keep falling as long as you survive! Be the last one of this challege!

Run In Crowd IPAD game’s control is very simple, tap one time to see the jumping eye-ball, do it twice to see him jump higher. You have to beware how far you jump each time because you could fall into some holes or facing the crates. you can make a short tap to make him jump not too far then follow by the second tap.

After playing Run In Crowd for a while, I find that the game offers the gameplay logic that experiences a real-time like racing to the players. But, in reality, those player are not running with you in the real-time. It is a very cool thing because what I expect to see from the game is the higher distance compared to other players, I would like to try again instantly once I died and do not want to wait all players to start a new round in this easy dying challenge. If you try hard on this day and you cannot make it, the stage will be changed for each day. You can start new ranking and challenges again for the next day.

Jump!! Sparta!

Put some costumes for your eye-balls! make him look cool!

You can support this game by customizing your eye-ball, there are 8 types of equipments to make your eye-ball look different. I very love the Sparta helmet,It will make my eyeball looks so powerful. By the way, no stats or improvement for this, just for fashion! It could be a bit like a fashion show when you start the game with various customized eye-balls.

In conclusion Run In Crowd IPAD is the revolution of the side scroll running game, it offers the gameplay logic which track the distance of each player and replay the way they avoid obstacles like real-time. This game tries to remove all of unneeded parts for side scroll game. The music makes the comfort environment. The graphic is so gorgeous representing like a pencil drawing by the professional artist. The game will automatically posts your rank on the ranking board and the game will also shows your rank compared to other players after you dead. By the way, If you are playing this game offline, it will be the common side scroll running game instantly! and one more thing that can be improved in this game is about the customize system, can we put the special power to the eyeball after unlocking things or stuffs that could make player run further? I believe that this could make players addicted to this game more!


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