There are many advantages of using Dewalt DW718. First, it has a 15 amp motor that runs in 3,600 rpm and sharp saw for fast and accurate wood cutting. Because of these wonderful features, you can be sure that there will be no jagged and faulty ends after the process which is important in furniture making.

Second, you can cut woods in just a few minutes. Since the motor is super fast, a small piece of wood only takes seconds to cut. A speedy compound sliding miter saw is a must especially when you need to meet deadlines for a certain project.

Third, an adjustable detent plate made of stainless steel allows you to move the saw in any direction. You don’t need to change saws once you need to cut a thick piece of wood because you can easily raise the slide best miter saw higher. The movement of the detent plate is so smooth and easy to navigate, which is why you can still easily cut an odd-shaped piece of wood.

Fourth, the bevel can be moved and locked at any angle. You can tilt and lock the bevel at the standard 0, 33.9, 45, 48 or 90 degrees perfect for cutting angled edges. With this feature, you don’t need to tilt the piece of wood to cut it perfectly.

Fifth, this sliding miter saw is so small that you could store it in any corners of your garage. Unlike heavy sawing tables which occupies most of the space in the garage, this product is light and compact so you can simply put it in a box and put it inside a cabinet.

Sixth, this slide miter saw has tall fences and compact sliding rails. The fences are used to hold pieces of wood during the cutting process; and the compact sliding rails ensures that the saw will hold on to the stand no matter how heavy and difficult the project is. Because of this features, accidents cause by a slide miter saw are decreased.

However, there are also disadvantages of using this sliding miter saw. First, this product is expensive. It costs almost $1000 in retail shops and $500 when you buy it on online stores. Not many people are willing to buy an expensive slide miter saw no matter how effective they appear to be.

Second, the dust bag is ineffective in collecting dust. Many users complain about the dust bag because even if it is just below the saw table, saw dust are still flying around during operation, and after a few days, it will break. This bad feature makes this compound sliding miter saw unattractive to use.

Even with minor factory defects, this compound sliding miter saw is your best tool for wood building projects. Buy the Dewalt DW718 and you won’t be disappointed with the results.


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