Process system isn’t responding is a kind of error message that you get when you try to open up the apps on your android mobile or tablet. You just need not to worry about that errors as you can fix them very easily in some simple steps. In this article i have clearly shown you how to fix process system isn’t responding error on android mobile or tablet. The methods that we have listed in this article are personally tested by our team and came a conclusion to share them with you to help you fix the problem.

The error will generally happen on your android phone if the hardware does not respond when you initiate any task through operating system. The other way of getting this error on your android mobile or tablet could be, the kernel of apps are not properly working as there is a misconfiguration. You just need to go through the simple guidelines given here to fix the problem very easily.


Here we have given some awesome method to help you fix the issue. You are requested to refer them to fix the problem on your android mobile to access the resources without any problems. You do not need to worry about the method as we have tested them personally and sharing with you now as they are working.

This is the fist method that you have try out on your android mobile by following the steps given below.

This is one more awesome method that you must try if the above one does not impress you. This method is as easy as you do some changes in the settings of your android mobile or tablet.

This is the best method if you are not interested in downloading tools and installing them to wipe something like cache and all.

This is another important method which is going to help you for sure. You just try this method if you are not able to fix the error in the above two method. Just simply follow the steps that we have given below fix the problem.

This is as simple as you can eat. A small kid can also do this as this method does not involves any technical steps and all. Just remove the battery of your android mobile and hold the power button of your android mobile for some time. This method will fix the error on your android mobile as you can simply put the batter again and switch on your android mobile. The error must have fixed in this way, Let us know if not through comments.

This is yet another awesome method using which you can surely fix the error. Just refer the simple steps given below to fix the problem on your android mobile or tablet.

This is the simple method that definitely involves your talent in finding the cause of the problem. There is a chance that the hardware encounters the issue on your android mobile. This is definitely gonna be the case if you even not able to fix by going through the methods given above. So suggest you go to the service center and fix the issue from the company side if your mobile is under warranty. There is another thing that might cause the error would be the SD card. The virus infected SD card can also cause this issue and better try to remove the card and try after that. I am sure you are going to fix the issue in this method.


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