Once I heard about Boots’ new addition, Makeup Obsession, I knew I had to try it. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found that my local boots had started to stock the range! If you don’t already know what this is, then I shall explain.

Makeup Obsession allows you to fully customise your own palette. You can choose from several sized palettes in a few different colours and you can even get your palette engraved. You can then choose from a huge selection of eyeshadow, contour shades, highlighters and blushes.

I went for a white palette with six spaces and decided to fill them with a selection of their highlighters.

The top three shades I chose are pressed powder highlighters and the bottom three are strobe creams. The shades I chose are shown below:

Top Row (left to right) Highlights in Bare, Moon and Pearl.

Bottom Row (left to right) Stobe balms in Chrome, Precious and Radiance.

The palette itself (empty) cost me a mere £4, and each highlighter was a further £3. You’re able to swatch all of these in store, but if not they’re available online here .

Now, onto the review!

I was very dubious at first -this product had to contend with my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hill glow kits. The glow kits retail at about £40 in the UK and include four shades, and at £18 for six shades (excluding the empty palette) this is a far more affordable option, but does this mean I have to compromise on quality?

The first shade I chose is ‘Bare’. This is one of the pressed powder highlighters, and is a very subtle pinky cream shade. Although it’s a gorgeous shade in the pan, the swatches are not very impressive. (I’ve included swatches earlier in this blog) It’s almost invisible when applied to my face and I found myself having to apply several layers to even get a slight glow. This would be good if you wanted a no makeup, makeup look but for me I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this shade again.

The second shade, moon is a gorgeous purple glittery shade. This is my favourite pressed highlighter in the palette! I have fair skin, so this is absolutely perfect for me. It’s surprisingly pigmented and can be blended to be less ‘purple’. As you can see in the swatch, the purple is very wearable and not at all unnatural.

Pearl is the last highlighter, and is a yellow-y, golden shade. This is a great colour and gives a really warm glow and really reflects the light nicely. On my fair skin, I prefer the shade ‘moon’, but this would look beautiful when I have a tan.

Thats all of the highlighters and, whilst they are good, I still think the higher end highlighters are worth the money – but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative or are just starting out in makeup.

The strobe creams are a lot more pigmented than the highlighters. The first one I picked up is ‘chrome’.

This is very highly pigmented, in fact, so much so that I will probably never use this. Again, it looks stunning in the pan, but when swatched I think the pigment carries over a little too well. I tried to use this on my cheek bones but I ended up just looking like the tin man as it’s just so silver. I think this is the only product out of all of these that i will be throwing out, as I cannot see any use for it in my kit.

First off I just want to apologise for the very obvious fingerprint marks in this photo but I could not resist swatching this beauty to show all of my friends. This shade is so hard to photograph well enough to do it justice. It’s a beautiful duochrome finish with hues of blue, silver and white. I can’t compare it to anything I’ve used before and it’s amazing both just swatched and when used on my face. It can be layered for more of a ‘wow’ factor or used less for more of a subtle glow. I cannot believe this only cost me £3! I’ve used this almost every day since purchasing my palette and will soon be buying a replacement!!


The last shade in the palette is radiance, a peach-toned strobe balm that I can only compare to Jeffree Starr’s peach goddess. It’s a beautiful peach colour with a gorgeous sparkle and compliments my skin tone beautifully! I would say out of all three strobe balms, this is the most natural looking one.

Overall I would give this palette a 5/10 – I think the pans are very hit or miss however, I think I would be willing to try some of their eyeshadow, blush and contour pans. Definitely try and swatch these in store before buying them.

Hopefully you enjoyed this review! Feel free to contact me  with any feedback or questions!

Love Beth x


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